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Post-Op Instructions for Wrist

post op instructions for wrist surgery from Orthopedic and SportsMedicine Clinic of Fairbanks


1. Begin with clear liquids and advance to a regular diet as tolerated.

2. Take pain medications only as needed. Follow the instructions on the bottle.

3. Elevate your hand on 2-3 pillows. Try and keep your hand higher than your elbow, and your elbow higher than your shoulder. Do this for the first 24 hours.

4. A one-gallon Ziplock bag filled with ice should be kept on the palm of the hand for the first 48 hours to reduce swelling and pain.

5. Activity: a. Bend your fingers gently and try and make a fist. b. Do not use your hand to grasp things until sutures have been removed c. Do not get the wound wet with a shower or bath water until the sutures are out.

6. Leave the original surgical bandages intact until removed in the office about 10 days after surgery. Sutures will be removed, and your wrist will be wrapped gently with a 2-inch ACE wrap for two more weeks.

7. Call my office if any chills, fever, drainage, calf or chest pain, or persistent numbness and tingling has worsened.

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