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Post-Op Instructions for Knee Replacement

post op instructions for knee surgery knee replacement  joint from Orthopedic and SportsMedicine Clinic of Fairbanks

1. Begin with clear liquids and advance to a regular diet as tolerated.
2. Take pain medications only as needed. Follow the instructions on the bottle.
3. Elevate the leg on pillows for the first 24 hours. This will help reduce pain and swelling. A 2-gallon Zip Lock bag with ice over the knee will be helpful in reducing the pain and swelling for the first 48 hours.
4. Activity:  Rest on the day of surgery. You may walk and put weight on the knee as you are comfortable. You may gently bend the knee as you tolerate.  Do not use exercise equipment (bicycle or StairMaster) unless instructed.  No excessive activity until seen by your doctor
5. Crutches may be used (if given to you) to help share the weight. You may walk
 as tolerated using the crutches unless you are told specifically not to put weight on your knee. I recommend trying to be free from crutches within a week unless told otherwise. 
6. Remove the original bandages at 48 hours. Apply 4x4 gauze sponge over each incision and wrap the knee with a 4-inch ace wrap gently. Do not
remove the suture or Steri-Strip.
7. Do not get the incisions wet until after your office visit unless cleared with your doctor.
8. Call the office today to make a return appointment for 7- 1 0 days after surgery.
9. Call my office if any chills, fever, drainage, calf or chest pain, numbness or
tingling, or if you have any concerns regarding your knee or surgery.

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