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Post-Op Instructions for Shoulder

post op instructions for shoulder surgery from Orthopedic and SportsMedicine Clinic of Fairbanks

POST-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS FOR SHOULDER ARTHROSCOPY AND ROTATOR CUFF REPAIR 1. Begin with clear liquids and advance to a regular diet as tolerated.

2. Take pain medications only as needed. Follow the instructions on the bottle.

3. Leave the surgical dressing intact for 48 hours. Change the dressing with bandages given to you at the hospital. Keep the wounds clean and dry, and avoid shower or bath water on the wounds until the sutures or staples are removed.

4. Wear your immobilizer for 3-4 days, then wear it only at night if you feel more comfortable.

5. Activity: Do your instructed exercises regularly as prescribed a. Remember, as you feel some pain during your exercise, try and make progress each day to regain your normal range of motion. b. Avoid lifting objects with your arm until advised otherwise.

6. Use a 2-gallon Ziplock bag to ice your shoulder for the first 72 hours 7. Call my office if any chills, fever, wound drainage that looks infected, calf or chest pain.

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